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Madrid, March 17, 2023.

RETAIL Real Estate Services, a real estate consultant specializing in profitability and investment premises, is pleased to announce the results obtained by its fund in the last 3 years, which consolidate the security and profitability of this investment model.

In 2020, immersed in the global pandemic, the RETAIL Real Estate Services Participating Account obtained an average annual return of 21%, which demonstrated the interest of investors in seeking safe havens for their money, and investment in commercial premises is, without a doubt, a guarantee of this. In 2021, the average annual return increased significantly to 27%, and in 2022, it has continued to grow to reach 28%. These returns, always on the rise, show the solidity and success of this associative modality of investment that is the Participe Account. In addition, these results allow the Participate Account to double the investors’ capital every four years, making it a safe long-term product for those who seek a constant and sustainable return on their investment. The Participe Account focuses its investments on the acquisition of the best commercial premises, those that offer more guarantees, greater security and profitability. It is managed by a manager of recognized prestige and proven track record, with experience of more than 23 years in the sector and more than 2,200 operations carried out successfully. In summary, and as Daniel García, the CEO of RETAIL Real Estate Services, points out, “the profitability of the Participate Account during the he last three years has been exceptional, but also the fund’s track record, with a cumulative annual gross average of 27%, shows our commitment to offering investors attractive and sustainable investment opportunities. Our fund is consolidated as an investment vehicle so that any interested investor can participate in the acquisition of commercial premises, allowing them to diversify their assets with more guarantees and greater profitability”.

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