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Madrid, December 18, 2023.

More than 90% of all the salmon consumed comes from the clean, crystalline and icy waters of Norway, a country that is committed to product excellence, traceability and the sustainability of the activity, as explained by the Product Council of the Norwegian Sea in Spain

Grilled, baked or raw for ceviches, sushi or poké. In appetizers or as a main dish. As a “star fish” or as a complement to meats, seafood or vegetables. Salmon has become the favorite fish for millions of consumers, since, according to consumer surveys for the Norwegian Seafood Council, 89% of Spaniards surveyed eat it every year for Christmas, while 78% will also opt for this delicatessen during New Year’s gastronomic events. Regarding the categories that are most popular at Christmas, 81% of consumers surveyed prefer smoked salmon on these dates, although the rise of oriental-influenced dishes is consolidated – which which shows that they have stopped being a fashion and have gained a place in Spanish gastronomy – such as sushi with salmon (28%), sashimi with salmon (18%) and poké with salmon (17%). At the same time, traditional fresh preparations are consolidated (which 24% of Spaniards will resort to), baked (20%) or grilled (19%). Regarding New Year’s exclusively, few variations can be seen because the Smoked salmon continues to clearly prevail to the point that 83% of those surveyed choose it as their first option to put on their tables. “The famous Norwegian salmon fits perfectly with the foods of the Mediterranean diet and the tastes and preferences of the Spanish. The product, both fresh and smoked, cannot be missing every year on Christmas and New Year’s tables,” he said. underlined the director of the Norwegian Seafood Council in Spain, Tore Holvik. Norwegian salmon is especially rich in protein, vitamin A, D and B12, antioxidants and omega-3. Almost 90% of the salmon that reaches the country’s tables comes from Norway, a country that is committed to quality, traceability, innovation and fishing sustainability. Norwegian salmon is increasingly present in homes and, in fact, almost 90% of everything consumed comes exclusively from this Nordic country and its clean, crystalline and icy waters. In ten years, the export of salmon from the Norwegian Sea to Spain has increased by 298% in value, while in volume it has grown by 98%. And, of course, Norwegian salmon will also shine at Christmas in the homes of millions of Spaniards. The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) depends on the Norwegian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Fisheries and is Responsible for publicizing the differential values ​​of national references. The NSC is headquartered in Tromsø and has local offices in 12 of the world’s largest Norwegian seafood markets: Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Japan, China, Singapore and the USA. , in addition to Spain.

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