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The world’s leading e-commerce platform welcomes Moddo to its Shopify Plus Partners program, recognizing the experience and advanced solutions that Moddo brings to achieve omnichannel in retail

The high potential of Moddo’s proprietary technology amplifies the possibilities of Shopify integration into any IT ecosystem and with any digital sales channel.

Shopify and Moddo customers will be able to manage all their online orders in a unified way, making the most of Shopify’s dashboards and reports, and automating the complete logistical process of sales and returns.

Emilio J. Luj├ín, General Director of Moddo, expressed his enthusiasm for this strategic alliance: “We are very pleased to join forces with Shopify, due to the enormous possibilities that together we will offer customers. Omnichannel is essential in today’s retail, and with “With this alliance we put on the market a comprehensive solution to manage all operations in the physical world and the digital world in a unified way, offering the best experience both in buying and selling.”

The history of Shopify

More than a decade ago, its founder wanted to open a store to sell snowboards online. None of the eCommerce solutions at the time gave him the control he needed to be successful, so he created his own solution. Today, businesses of all sizes use Shopify, whether they sell online, in retail stores, or anywhere.

Why did Shopify choose Moddo?

Maximum flexibility of your technical integrations

Moddo’s omnichannel platform can be integrated in real time with any ERP, POS, PIM, SGA, and even with different communication platforms and systems for the same seller. It synchronizes stock every 2.5 minutes, which is vital to avoid stock outages and minimize safety stocks, even more so when selling on different digital sales channels. And it is multi-warehouse, allowing stock to be made available from high turnover locations, such as, for example, store stock, for online sales. ( More info).

Unification of online orders

The management of all orders from digital channels through a single omnichannel platform and Shopify, also automating the logistical management of orders and returns, also called reverse logistics, represents a very significant time saving in operations. ( More info).

This alliance reinforces Shopify’s position in the Spanish market and underlines its commitment to large companies and the digital development of retail in general. The integration of both companies’ technology promises to take omnichannel to the next level, offering a more fluid and effective shopping experience for end customers, while providing more powerful sales tools for both merchants and brands.

Moddo consolidates itself as a specialist in omnichannel technology for Retail, joining a distinguished group of technological partners who, without a doubt, are building the largest and most capable commerce technological ecosystem in the world together with Shopify.

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Contact name: Jorge Vicente

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