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Madrid, March 10, 2023.

The good execution of firebreaks and other professional techniques protect forest masses. A quality machine is vital for a good performance of prevention tasks. Innovation in fire detection systems allows an immediate response against fire

Every year you see how the forests burn, uncontrolled fires that last for weeks are already commonplace. The increasingly drier and hotter summers are the perfect setting for fires that devour thousands of hectares in just a few days. If a forest is properly prepared, these fires can be prevented and their spread can be fought. The best time to prepare against fire is now. In 2022 alone, 450 forest fires were recorded in Spain, in which more than 309,000 hectares were charred. Global warming and its alarming effects do not portend an improvement for 2023. Among the measures taken to fight fires, forestry work stands out, in addition to the prevention work of forestry brigades. These activities include tree planting, biodiversity management, protection against pests and diseases, and prevention of forest fires, among others. STIHL, faithful in its commitment to sustainability, respect for the environment, and the well-being of people , among others, is aware of the serious problem that forest fires represent and for this reason it is committed to innovation and research to create quality machines, specially designed so that professionals in this sector can carry out their work safely and efficiently. EPRIF (Comprehensive Forest Fire Prevention Teams) are in charge of carrying out these preventive forestry works. This work, carried out between the months of October and May, is extremely important. Aware of the importance of the work of these professionals, STIHL has given 15 days of its STIHL-PFC (Qualified Forestry Professional) training program in the last three years. More than 100 professionals have been able to study the handling of machinery from practice for its proper use in both fire prevention and firefighting work. In 2021, more than 200 preventive tasks were necessary, of which more than half required machinery professional to be carried out. “In-house” manufacturing, the commitment to technology development and almost 100 years of experience in the forestry sector mean that STIHL offers products that meet the highest quality standards, allowing greater precision, less wear, and greater comfort when carrying out pruning, clearing and creating firebreaks to prevent forest fires and prevent the spread of fire. As part of this technological innovation, STIHL is collaborating with Dryad Networks, a start-up specialized in solar sensors that can detect fires early. The implementation of these wireless devices allows a more immediate reaction and a reduction and control of both material and forest damage. Prevention is the best way to combat forest fires and in these winter months preventive forestry tasks in all areas with increased risk of fire are essential. The fight against fires begins now.

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