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Activa Canarias attends FITUR promoting a thousand companies with more than 3,500 jobs

Madrid, January 25, 2024.- The Business Association of Active Tourism and Ecotourism of the Canary Islands, Activa Canarias, is present for another year at FITUR, the most important tourism fair in the world. The objective is to defend the interests of the thousand companies in the sector that are present in the Canary Islands, and that offer 1,739 experiences. To this end, meetings with public and private agents are planned on the agenda of the president of the entity, José Luis Echevarría. In addition, it is the first edition of the fair to be held in Madrid with Echeverría as president of ANETAe (National Association of Active Tourism and Ecotourism Companies), since he was elected president within the framework of FITUR in 2023. The last Study of the Sector prepared by Activa Canarias in 2023 shows that the 957 registered companies represent 20% more than in 2019, the date of the previous study. Furthermore, the majority of these SMEs are already stable over time, with an average age of more than five years. In terms of job creation, each company has an average of four stable employees on staff, which in sum can be estimated at about 3,500 total jobs in the sector. “When we talk about the rise of Active Tourism in the Canary Islands, we do so backed by figures. This is demonstrated by the increase in companies, their stability, the wide range of experiences and the flourishing generation of employment,” said José Luis Echevarría, president of Activa. Canary Islands.”Active Tourism is creating a sustainable economy in the Canary Islands. In addition to the almost four thousand stable jobs, the generation of wealth associated with local economies such as the agricultural and livestock sector, crafts and rural accommodation is added. The data show that Tourism Active and Ecotourism in the Canary Islands is being the figurehead of tourism diversification in the Canary Islands, a change that citizens request and that requires the times,” concluded Echevarría. In conclusion, the active tourism sector stands as a key driver for the economic development and diversification of tourism in the Canary Islands. However, to ensure its sustainability and continued growth, it is imperative to proactively address the challenges it currently faces. Irregular activity (intrusion), the need for coherent territorial planning, complications in accessing transport authorizations and the urgent demand for specialized training are obstacles that require the immediate and coordinated attention of the competent administrations. With Ecuador as guest destination, this new edition of FITUR brings together 9,000 participating companies, 152 countries, a growth of 20 countries compared to 2023, and 806 exhibitors. All this in 9 pavilions. The Canary Islands arrive with good post-pandemic tourist figures, adding 22,000 million in turnover. Active and nature tourism will have a prominent place in the tourist offer of the islands. Issuer: Activa Canarias

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