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Madrid, April 26, 2024.- In an economic context in which large global investment groups absorb the main business activity coordination companies, the e-coordina Group continues to grow, consolidating its leading position in the sector and leading the offer of technological solutions related to the prevention of occupational risks, independently.

The e-coordina Group, a leading company in technological solutions for document management and the coordination of business activities (CAE), has acquired CADERSEM, one of the most important CAE consultancies in the Spanish market. The operation is part of the expansion plans of the e-coordina Group, a benchmark in the national market in the outsourcing of the management of the Coordination of Business Activities.

CADERSEM, founded in 2015, has an expert staff that serves its extensive client portfolio in outsourcing CAE services, actively offering support in their business activity coordination and document management processes.

The operation is part of the expansion strategy of the e-coordina Group, which aims to strengthen its position in the market and become the first national operator in CAE OUTSOURCING services.

With the incorporation of CADERSEM to the e-coordina Group, it consolidates its presence in Catalonia by adding the offices in Vic (Barcelona) to those already existing in Tarragona.

CADERSEM has chosen Grupo e-coordina due to the great versatility of the CAE application, which allows it to provide personalized solutions to clients and for its high quality standards in the provision of the service.

This incorporation into the e-coordina Group joins that of ERGOS UP, S.L, another leading technology company in the prevention sector, which reaffirms the growth policy in the field of Occupational Safety and the Coordination of Business Activities.

e-coordina’s strategic plan includes projects for the implementation of new commercial offices, both in Europe (France and Italy) and in South America (Chile), by 2026.

In addition to the headquarters in San Sebastián, where all technological development is concentrated, the company currently has commercial, operations and service offices in Madrid, Catalonia, Portugal, Colombia and Mexico.

Josep Mora, CEO of CADERSEM, considers that joining the e-coordina Group guarantees the continuity of the project and the possibility of expanding services with more elaborate and powerful tools.

“This is what e-coordina offers us. We are similar companies, bridging all gaps, with a desire for customer service, with integrated professionalism and with a great professional team. Making the decision has been easy due to all the similarities, and precisely the differences allow many options for improvement”.

Closeness and desire to help

“CADERSEM has been collaborating with e-coordina for more than a decade and through the outsourcing of its clients’ CAE services they have become familiar with practically all of the document management platforms. In this sense they can say that there are great platforms, among the that e-coordina is located, but, in their opinion, what makes it different from the rest, and has led them to always recommend it, is the closeness of its technicians and their eagerness to help, which allows it; adapt to any client requirement; or the efficiency and ease of use of the platform,” defends Josep Mora.



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