The emblematic Hotel Wellington in Madrid was decked out to host an exclusive event organized by the European Society for Social and Cultural Promotion. The I Edition of the Masters of the Menu Award summoned a selection of chefs, restaurants and other professionals linked to the hotel industry and the manufacture of delicatessen products

The European Society for Social and Cultural Promotion granted the aforementioned award within the framework of an exclusive gala that aimed to value the fundamental role that the hotel industry plays in our country. With the presenter Jesús Álvarez, the evening began with the words of the President of the European Society for Social and Cultural Promotion, Mr. Luís María Anson, symbol of journalism in our country, iconic communicator and prominent member of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language. After the first mentions and words of presentation of the act, the master of ceremonies awarded the first prize to Mr. Martín Berasategui: His training as a cook and a large part of his life are related to the Bodegón Alejandro located in the old part of San Sebastián, in which he obtained his first Michelin Star. With Martín Berasategui still on stage, the conductor Jesús Álvarez, announced to the many times awarded Basque chef, the proposal, by Luís María Anson and his Governing Council, that he join the European Society for Social and Cultural Promotion as a Partner of Honor. And the next to collect his award was D. Emilio Carcur, founder and CEO of Thai Garden: Emilio Carcur was ahead of his time, putting the exotic and evocative Thailand in the collective imagination of our country. Little was known at that time about a remote enclave in the Far East. D. Javier Martín Iglesias, owner of Javier Martín Restaurant was awarded third place; Javier Martín’s journey has been recognized with a multitude of awards and mentions for a kitchen in which all raw materials have their place, as long as they are quality products. Jesús Álvarez granted the award to Nicolás Maestro, CEO of Maestros Brothers; a brand founded by two brothers Nicolás Maestro and Javier Maestro, working in the hospitality industry for more than 30 years. After him, José Antonio Rupérez, President of Centro Riojano de Madrid, who celebrates 122 years of life, ascended to the stage; space for the dissemination of culture, gastronomy, values ​​around wine, tourism and art. Pierre Bauduin, General Manager of Dani Brasserie at the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, was in penultimate place. De Pierre Bauduin highlights an extensive career in the luxurious chain: Original from France and began working in the industry with his first internships at the Hotel School, in the Alain Ducasse Group. The last award was given to Sidney Stockwell, second generation and current CEO of SuperMex, who also received the distinction of Revelation Entrepreneur: Sidney Stockwell. After the solemn ceremony of the I Edition of the Masters of the Menu Award, the winners and their companions enjoyed an exquisite gala dinner followed by a networking after-dinner with open bar. It should be noted that this exclusive selection of professionals from such different and diverse sectors represented the spirit of quality in the product and service, excellence and commitment to a job well done.

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