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Madrid, March 7

XTART involves companies in the co-creation of training programs to improve the employability of students in 4 specialization verticals: tech, business, health and emergencies and civil protection. Although Spain reached a record vacancy rate of almost 150,000 unfilled jobs in 2023, two out of every ten Spaniards with higher education cannot find employment. By 2030, job offers in Spain will require 65% Vocational Training skills

Despite the fact that in 2023 Spain reached a record number of vacancies with 149,645 unfilled jobs, two out of every ten Spaniards who have completed higher education do not find employment in the first three years after graduating, which places Spain as the fifth worst country in the EU in employability for this group. And in recent years, we are experiencing a revolution largely caused by the emergence of different technologies that make the world move at a dizzying pace. A rhythm for which companies must be prepared, but which unfortunately training cannot keep up with. This is why, thanks to its ability to adapt, shorter training periods and practicality, vocational training has begun to take off, and in the last five years the number of those enrolled in a training cycle has grown by almost 20%. XTART involves companies in the co-creation of training programs to improve the employability of students. With the aim of revolutionizing the ‘student – company’ relationship, XTART Vocational Training, the Official Vocational Training Institute belonging to the Educational Group of Alfonso X El Sabio University and The Valley. This new proposal offers intermediate and higher degree degrees in 3 modalities – online, blended and distance – with 4 verticals of specialization, in this initial phase: tech, business, health and emergencies and civil protection. “By the year 2030 the offers of work in Spain will require 65% of Vocational Training skills (*) and this, to a large extent, is due to the adaptability it offers. At XTART we are the promoters of a new idea of ​​Vocational Training. We adapt training to the needs of the labor market, co-creating with the companies themselves the academic plan and training itineraries, with the aim of providing students with the skills and competencies required by them and for the on boarding process to be a turnkey, substantially reducing complexity in the processes of attracting talent and improving the integration of the student in their future company. In addition, we are committed to the Campus model, which generates community among students, teachers and companies,” highlights Alejandro Codina Aracama, general director of XTART. “Likewise, Our origins with the prestigious institutions UAX and The Valley, as well as our academic partner McGraw Hill, are a guarantee of the quality of the content and the training rigor that we display for our students. We want to be responsible for ensuring that Vocational Training is no longer plan B for some, but rather plan A for many,” says Aracama. “The goal is for society to perceive us as agents of change because that is what we are achieving, change, with facts and results, the traditional perception of vocational training”, concludes the manager. which allows them to anticipate the needs of the market. It is based on 4 pillars: technology and innovation, employability, personalized education and direct connection with the company and future employers. Its initial academic offer will include 19 official cycles, of 19 specializations connected between different verticals of technology, business, health, emergencies and civil protection. In addition, it has an ambitious national expansion plan with plans to open campuses in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Murcia and Seville.

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