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The Valencian company, together with its most prominent suppliers and collaborators, will prepare a paella for 1,000 people for free

Valencia, May 3, 2024.- On December 21, 2023, the Original Paella company announced through social networks and the media its initiative to organize a contest to donate a giant paella, with the aim of finding a solidarity project with which to make a paella for 1,000 people for free, the prize valued at more than €4,500 is open to all social projects of any NGO or non-profit entity, as long as their objective is to help those disadvantaged groups and forgotten by society, thus adding “their grain” in this case of rice, in helping the most disadvantaged. Once the contest deliberation commission met, formed by a representative of each of the sponsors, the entity The NGO InVisibles has been selected as the winner of the 2024 solidarity paella. InVisibles is a social action association that uses its efforts to help those in need in Valencia, specifically, those who are homeless. According to its founder, Miqui Amador, the main objective “is to make the INVISIBLE VISIBLE” and hence its name, since its objective is to give visibility to these people, uncomfortable for today’s society and who end up feeling ignored “I am invisible, I am invisible , I am invisible”, for this it is very important to have the volunteer project of the Dominican School of Paterna, young people from 13 to 15 years old, who “are the treasure for this NGO and will be the ones who will change our way of seeing the world, they are the force of change”, the event also has the selfless collaboration of Cristian San Bernardino, DJ and joker in Anda Ya on the radio channel Los 40 Principales, a person with a big heart and a great lover of paellas. In the preparation of this award paella maker, the distributor of equipment for paellas, catering for giant paellas and rental of paella equipment, Original Paella, contributes, which will provide the necessary technical equipment together with its professional rice cookers and will coordinate the group of volunteers of the “Paelleros Solidarios” the preparation of the paella solidarity giant, the food distribution company, Helados y Congelados del Mediterráneo (Hecomed) and the rice producing company, Arrocerias Antonio Tomas, which will provide the ingredients and rice necessary to make the solidarity paella, with the support of Las Provincias Multimedia , which will contribute to the dissemination of the event. According to Javier Baixauli, manager of Original Paella: “The realization of this solidarity paella for 1,000 people is scheduled for next December 23, 2024, with the aim that, on these Christmas dates , where it is common to share and promote love for one’s neighbor and generosity with the less fortunate, we can make these invisible people visible to this society and above all be able to provide them with a hot plate of paella in the middle of winter and Christmas that, without a doubt, , it will mean a small moment of happiness for all of them. For this, several delivery points will be enabled around the city and areas such as Campanar, Viveros, Pantera Rosa, Abastos, bus station, among others will be included.” More information about the project and the available routes can be found on the blog of Original Paella. He also indicated “if you are interested in participating, keep an eye on our Instagram @originalpaella, soon we will recruit supportive paelleros who, in addition to paelleros, are people with a big heart, willing to help in this project”, in turn he mentions ” For those people who want to help on a more regular or ongoing basis, you can contact InVisibles directly through their website.”What is Original Paella? www.originalpaella.es is the main company specialized in 360º of paella, its main activity is the export of paella pans, gas burners and a wide range of utensils and ingredients to prepare the most exquisite paellas anywhere in the world. www.paellasgiganteseventos.es offers giant paella catering, specialized in giant paellas for sporting events and the rental of paella equipment, it is also specialized in the training of rice masters.

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