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Barcelona, ​​February 16, 2023.

8 times higher than the average interest on bank deposits, from 1,000 euros, without limits or permanence and with total liquidity

The inbestMe Savings Account, made up of a portfolio of monetary funds, benefits from a new rise in interest rates by central banks at the beginning of February. The expected variable APR (net of costs) has risen to 1.90% in euros and 4.00% in dollars, from the initial 1.05% and 3.4% at the time of its launch in November last year, and its subsequent rise to 1.40% and 3.60%, respectively, which it already showed at the end of December. In this way, the inbestMe Savings Account, due to the balance between profitability and zero volatility, reveals itself as an efficient and safe alternative to optimize short-term savings with total flexibility, starting with a minimum investment of 1,000 euros. The robo advisor with the greatest customization on the market and leader in sustainable indexed investment, thus completing its offer of automated investment portfolios based on innovation, which guarantees coverage of the entire financial cycle of the average saver/investor. As it is made up of monetary funds of the best international managers, any increase in interest rates has an automatic impact, accumulating its profitability daily. In addition, these are transferable and benefit from tax deferral since, as it is an accumulation portfolio, taxes are not paid until the capital is withdrawn. The new inbestMe Savings Account competes with an advantage over traditional bank deposits. In the last available comparison (December 2022), its variable APR was already 8 times higher than the weighted average interest rate of said deposits, according to data from the Bank of Spain, a figure that is estimated to be 10 times higher since it was The current increase has been made effective. But, unlike these, it does not have permanence terms, since the client can have his money without penalties whenever he needs it and, although it is aimed at optimizing short-term savings, with a horizon of one to three years, its actual term is unlimited. “And all this without fine print or the requirement to contract other products,” says the CEO of inbestMe, Jordi Mercader. Rates are expected to continue rising in the coming months, in line with the decisions of the central banks, which will boost a new increase in the Savings Account in the same proportion. “Taking into account that the current strategy of the banks in relation to interest rate increases on their deposits is being very slow, our new Savings Account is consolidated as a better option for the small investor or saver in these moments of uncertainty This is demonstrated by the great interest that it has aroused both among our old clients and in the new ones who have opted for it compared to traditional deposits”, adds Mercader.

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