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In a feat that fuses cosmic ambition and earthly heart, Chico Requena, actor, comedian and visionary founder of SpicyX, takes on an unprecedented mission to materialize the dream of his 10-year-old son Hermes. This unique journey not only propels a bottle of SpicyX sauce into the stratosphere, marking a historic moment for the Spanish brand, but also weaves a tangible act of generosity through a partnership with the UAPO Foundation

Madrid, April 24, 2024.- An unprecedented project that was born with the purpose of making the dreams of Hermes, son of Chico Requena, CEO and founder of SpicyX, the first hot sauce brand to undertake a trip to space, come true. Sauces from another planet. Never has a brand been as faithful to its motto as SpicyX, whose mission, driven by the imaginative proposal of a child, has gone beyond known limits. The border between Mexico, motherland of spicy food, and the United States, the largest consumer world level of spiciness, it was the place chosen to reach the stars and undertake a space mission full of emotions and symbolism. Thus, on March 31, Easter Sunday, a balloon sent into space with a sauce bottle and a satellite equipped With high definition cameras to record the mission, it reached 40,000 meters of altitude, traveling at minus 60 degrees of temperature, to the stratosphere, to make the dreams of a ten-year-old boy come true and mark a new era for a brand that, After conquering space, he sets out to evangelize spicy food in Spain. A live space mission for solidarity purposes A live broadcast space trip, which not only amplifies the reach of SpicyX beyond earthly confines, but also establishes a commitment solidary. The sauce bottle recovered, after an exciting adventure in hostile territory, will be donated to the UAPO Foundation, of the late Jesús Candel, to be auctioned and raise funds for it. With 40,000 meters of altitude achieved, SpicyX is committed to giving away 40,000 bottles of salsa, in a celebration that crosses the borders of space to become deeply rooted in the Spanish community, marking a milestone in the history of the brand and in the hearts of sauce lovers, without forgetting to help those who need it most. Video of the space mission https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIVyBwKp…About SpicyX, the six sauces that reinvent spicyReinvent the spicy flavor to adapt to the Spanish palate and do what, instead of a barrier , be an everyday pleasure. This is, among others, the mission with which Chico Requena launches a project that brings the native gastronomy closer to the pungent flavor of spicy food, offering a soft and friendly version for a perfect harmony between flavor and spiciness. Ketchup, Mustard, Barbecue, Siracha, Habanero and Jalapeño are the six SpicyX sauces. https://spicyx.es/

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