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Madrid, March 9, 2023.

It has increased its global client portfolio by 30%. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services have grown by 80% in 2022

Fullstep, a company specialized in the end-to-end digitization of the purchasing, supply and supply chain process, has announced the results for 2022, closing the year with a global turnover of 17.3 million euros, almost doubling the 2021. Likewise, the Spanish technology company has increased its global client portfolio by 30%. “We are very proud of each year being able to provide more value and create a positive impact on the companies that trust us. Without a doubt, now we do digitization is more palpable and this is especially noticeable in our sector More and more companies, regardless of their size or area of ​​action, are betting on implementing technological solutions that help them overcome turbulent and uncertain times such as those that have been going on for since a while ago. We want to continue working on improving our value proposition, in such a way that we help the growth of companies, ensuring that they also have an i Positive impact for clients, professionals, suppliers and partners”, explains Rosario Piazza, the CEO of the company. Fullstep’s value proposition has basically two axes. The first of them is based on its own development platform, which allows working in a 360º environment, covering the entire purchasing and supply process. This can be integrated with other systems that companies have implemented. Only in 2022, the companies that have the Fullstep platform have managed to manage more than 8,300 million euros in purchase negotiations, 1,500 million euros in orders issued and 365,000 invoices managed. On the other hand, outsourcing services (BPO) have become the other core leg in the company’s business, whose services have grown by 80% in 2022. Fullstep intends to continue on the growth path of the area, since it is a service that helps companies reduce up to 25% operating costs. Looking to 2023, Fullstep wants to continue expanding its client portfolio to support a large number of companies with its software solutions, relying on its Indirect Channel.”We trust that the channel of partners is a lever for growth in 2023. We want to position our software inside and outside our borders, although the main target areas in terms of growth in the number of clients will be LATAM and Cen troeuropa”, says Piazza. Another objective will be to create improvements and new functionalities in its platform. Specifically, they are working on a project based on Artificial Intelligence for the automation and processing of data that helps the comprehensive analysis of suppliers. “The objective of the project is focused on developing an operational solution in the cloud, which allows the automatic validation of certificates for the intelligent approval of providers, as well as the development of risk profiles for each provider, optimized and updated in real time”, assures the CEO. This project supports a service area specialized in the ESG purchasing framework, in which Fullstep will maintain a special focus.

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