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LONDON, Nov. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Retailers and consumers are warned that the potentially dangerous counterfeit disposable products flooding the UK market are being produced in squalid Chinese factories that lack manufacturing licenses and respect for product safety.

Since the launch of the counterfeit action by ELFBAR in June 2021, it has taken action against more than 120 counterfeit production and sales targets, including factories, warehouses, logistics and foreign trade companies, seizing more than 2 millions of finished counterfeit ELFBAR products, millions of packing boxes, anti-counterfeit codes, semi-finished vape tubes and other accessories.

Victor Xiao, CEO of ELFBAR, said: “Consumers would be horrified to see the conditions in which these products are manufactured, and rightly so. The criminals behind these counterfeit products do not care about the safety of the products or consumers’ health, and they cut every corner possible to maximize their profits.”

“Frankly, the conditions in these factories are absolutely miserable, with workers running production lines in filthy conditions, with no regard for hygiene.”

Xiao said ELFBAR would not stand by while counterfeiters prey on the industry, tarnish the reputation of established manufacturers and put consumers’ health at risk.

He added: “Retailers put themselves at considerable risk when handling these products and should avoid them at all costs. As these products have not undergone any official safety checks or testing, there is no way of knowing what health risks they pose.” and our fear is that they could be extremely dangerous.”

ELFBAR is clamping down on the illegal vaping market and creating an intelligence dossier on counterfeit products as counterfeiters get smarter and more effective. While ELFBAR strives to stop fraudsters at the source, it realizes that it is impossible to stop all counterfeits from getting through and now advises retailers that they are the last line of defense in protecting consumers.

Xiao added: “Although it can be difficult to tell a fake product from the real thing just by looking at it, there is no excuse for any retailer to sell a counterfeit ELFBAR product. Retailers can scan a code on the packaging to check the authenticity of the product and we urge them to that they do so for all products they sell. Fighting counterfeiting is a priority for ELFBAR and we continue to have zero tolerance for these fake vapes across the industry. The UK market is very important to us and we will continue to do everything we can to ensure UK consumers have confidence in their vaporizers.

As part of its fight against fake vaporizers, ELFBAR has embarked on a campaign to educate retailers and consumers about the threat posed by fake producers. During the campaign, ELFBAR has released a video to demonstrate their actual manufacturing process, showing how they control the quality of the products and prevent the purchase of counterfeits by scanning their anti-counterfeit identification QR code.

John Dunne, CEO of the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), commented: “I applaud ELFBAR for taking on counterfeiters. They pose a significant risk to the harm reduction reputation of the global vaping industry. This is why we have called for a retail licensing system here in the UK to prevent the sale of illicit goods and much higher penalties of at least £10,000 per case for retailers who break the law in this way. Similarly, counterfeiters and those who trade fake vaporizers throughout the supply chain must be dealt with by the competent authorities so that they do not do so again.”

Lee Bryan, CEO of Arcus Compliance, a regulatory compliance specialist who supports major vaping brands to stay on the right side of regulations when it comes to new product development, commented: “Counterfeiters in any market are the worst of the worst. However, while counterfeits are extremely difficult to detect, distributors, wholesalers and retailers need to put systems in place to ensure proper checks are in place. Failure to check incoming vape products could allow counterfeits to pass through the supply chain and pose a very real risk to consumer health and their own reputation.”

ELFBAR’s fight against unauthorized and counterfeit devices is a long-term commitment to quality and service. ELFBAR’s statement states: “As a responsible brand, it is our responsibility to fight against the counterfeit factory anywhere in the world and offer our customers the best quality products. Please scan the QR code on the ELFBAR package before opening it. If you find any products suspected of being counterfeit, please contact us by email at legal@elfbar.com.”

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