Madrid, October 30, 2023.

Artists like Aitana, Lola índigo, and Ana Mena confess which other singer they would give “Like” with, what their perfect first date would be like, and the “red flags.” Tinder offers its users the opportunity to win an exclusive VIP date with its “Match Musical” at the LOS40 Music Awards Santander Gala

Music is the sixth language of love. If not, tell the users of Tinder, the most famous app in the world for meeting new people, where music is positioned as one of the three main interests of the app’s users when it comes to flirting1. And is there anything better to break the ice than agreeing on musical taste? For this reason, Tinder sponsors this year the 18th edition of Los40 Music Awards Santander, which will be held in Madrid on November 3 and where the most important music awards in Spain will be awarded. The dating app, which demonstrates with this collaboration a clear commitment to entertainment and music, will have a prominent presence in the most important moments of the 40 Music Awards Santander Gala, including the red carpet. “Music unites and connects millions of people, and this is what Tinder does, which is why this collaboration is something natural for us and our users. We are very happy to bet on the most relevant awards in the Spanish music industry! “, says Vicente Balbastre, Senior Communications Manager of Tinder in Spain. Since music unites hearts, and can be the beginning of unforgettable stories, Tinder is going to select among its users two who have made the best “Musical Match”, through a contest that will be carried out on the Tinder app and social networks. The award? A first date at the LOS40 Music Awards Santander Gala, alongside your favorite artists with an exclusive VIP ticket. Rosalía, the artist with the most “match” Names like Lola índigo, Feid or Shakira, are not only repeated during the LOS40 Music Awards Santander nominations, but the mentions of her in the bios of Tinder users in Spain do not stop grow. Among them, Aitana, one of the favorite artists when it comes to flirting on the app, placing her song ‘Los Ángeles’ in the top ‘Hymnos de Tinder’ among the young people of Gen Z 2. During the Nominees Dinner, the Catalan , who obtained up to six nominations, confessed to LOS40 journalist Karin Herrero that she would do ‘Match’ on Tinder “with Karol G or Rosalía, I couldn’t choose between the two.” In addition, she assured that her biggest ‘red flag’ when it comes to going on a date with someone is “that they have a girlfriend.” “I would never do something like that,” she said. Ana Mena and Lola Índigo share favoritism both on Tinder in Spain and in the nominations at the LOS40 Music Awards Santander. The woman from Malaga, who places her latest single among the top ‘Hymnos de Tinder’, is very clear about the biggest ‘red flag’ to reject a first date in ‘Madrid City’. “I wouldn’t go on a date with someone who keeps following girls on social media, that and having a lot of ego are usually two things that happen at the same time,” said the artist. The one she did admit that she would do ‘Match’ with without hesitation is the iconic Rosalía, “because we would have a very, very flamenco date.” They not only share rankings but also tastes! Lola Índigo, another of the stars of the night and favorite of Tinder users when it comes to flirting, also does not doubt for a second that she would make “Match” with the great Motomami, revealing to us how to have a perfect first date. “I imagine that she would like to have a first date in an Italian restaurant, with a pesto with pistachio, which is delicious,” commented the woman from Granada. Deciphering the Tinder bios of the LOS40 Music Awards Santander artists To get a perfect bio in Tinder and an ideal ‘Match’, you have to be sincere and transparent, but also somewhat clever so as not to go unnoticed. But tell it to the singer of the song ‘Clavaito’, which, together with Abraham Mateo, is positioned as another of the most listened to ‘Tinder Hymns’ among users of the app3. Chanel dares with the clever bio of: “I smell like Chanel, and it’s not the perfume, darling.” For the artist, her biggest red flag is that “I would never go on a date with someone who is jealous and obsessed, long live freedom!” But Chanel is not the only artist who has dared to reveal what her bio would be like in Tinder. The influencer Lola Lolita, in a moment of sincerity in front of her partner Ibelky, described herself as “Very romantic, but toxic.” Would she succeed with that bio among her boyfriend’s friends with the new Tinder “Matchmakers”? 1. Data extracted from mentions in Tinder biographies in Spain between January 1 and October 1, 2023.2. Data extracted from mentions in Tinder biographies in Spain between January 1 and October 1, 2023.3. Data extracted from mentions in Tinder biographies in Spain between January 1 and October 1, 2023.

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