Berlin, September 18

As the first European broker, Trade Republic now allows its clients to invest in government and corporate bonds starting from 1 euro. This allows investors to secure high long-term interest rates and further diversify their portfolio. Starting October 1, 2023, Trade Republic will transfer to its current and new customers 4% annual interest on uninvested cash

Trade Republic expands its offer and redoubles its position as the largest savings platform in Europe: from now on, clients can invest daily in 500 liquid government and corporate bonds. This offers investors the opportunity to lock in high long-term interest rates. “Especially in the current environment, bonds are an important asset class to benefit long-term from high interest rates. We are the first broker in Europe which opens up this asset class to retail investors,” says Christian Hecker, co-founder of Trade Republic. “Until now, investors had to turn to banks or advisors with high costs to access the bond market. With this new offering, we take another step to make the capital market accessible to more people.” Trade Republic solves two challenges fundamentals of the bond market for its investors: bonds usually require a minimum investment of 1,000 euros, which makes them often difficult to pay for many people. Furthermore, the bond market is confusing and it is difficult to find products with sufficient liquidity. As the first broker in Europe, Trade Republic offers, on a daily basis, 500 government and corporate bonds with liquidity, in which you can invest with just 1 euro. As always: there is no order commission for the purchase and sale, and only a third party commission of 1 euro is applied for settlement. This opens up for the first time in Europe the purchase and sale of bonds, an asset class until now reserved for a few investors , to a wide group of clients. This is in line with Trade Republic’s mission to democratize access to the capital market. The current market environment, with high interest rates, which have just been increased again by the ECB, offers European citizens the opportunity to grow their assets in the long term, also through debt products such as bonds “This launch is crucial for Spanish retail investors for two key reasons: bonds are once again an alternative to traditional low-interest savings accounts to fight inflation, and Spanish savers did not have easy access to them until today. investment in bonds, which makes them lose attractive bonds from foreign governments and companies that today already exceed 4%. Bonds are once again an interesting type of asset, and it is part of our commitment to Spanish savers give them access to them,” says Kintxo Cort├ęs, Regional Director of Trade Republic. Trade Republic transfers 4% annual interest on uninvested cash received from partner banks to its current and new clients starting October 1, 2023. About Trade Republic Trade Republic has a mission to prepare millions of Europeans for wealth creation with secure, easy and commission-free access to the capital markets. With clients in 17 European countries and billions of assets under management, Trade Republic is already the application that many Europeans have on their screens to manage their wealth. It offers investment in savings plans, fractional investment, ETFs and bonds as well as derivatives and cryptocurrencies. Trade Republic is a technology company supervised by the Bundesbank and BaFin. As the largest savings platform in Europe, Trade Republic has received investment from Accel, the Peter Thiel Founders Fund, Ontario Teachers, Sequoia and TCV. The Berlin-based company was founded in 2015 by Christian Hecker, Thomas Pischke and Marco Cancellieri.

Contact Contact name: Kintxo Cortes Contact description: Country Manager Spain Contact phone: 49175258773