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The program will begin next October and is aimed at professionals seeking to understand and apply, in depth, data analytics to human resources management.

Madrid, April 11, 2024.- The Camilo José Cela University (UCJC) and ID Digital School have managed to accredit and launch the Master’s Degree in People Analytics and Digital Talent Management, the only official master’s degree that can currently be studied in Spain in this innovative discipline. A degree aimed at professionals who seek to understand and apply, in depth, data analytics to human resources management. This master’s degree, which will begin next October, has been approved and accredited by the Madrid d Knowledge Foundation, which gives it official status and makes it a quality benchmark. The official master’s degree is valid in 49 countries, 27 in the European Union, plus another 22, and allows those who take it to have the option of directly entering a doctorate. The Master in People Analytics and Digital Talent Management has two modalities: in-person and distance learning. Both modalities seek student learning through a training process that provides flexibility in schedules, and allows students to reconcile their personal and professional lives. The face-to-face modality will be taught at the new UCJC Castellana Campus located on Juan Hurtado de Mendoza Street, between Cuzco and Plaza de Castilla. The modern building has four floors and an area of ​​11,319 square meters, 3,226 of them in green outdoor work areas. The master’s degree has outstanding professors who are experts in People Analytics and talent management, both academics and active professionals, linked to the area of ​​human resources, new technologies and artificial intelligence. Among its most notable subjects are ‘Introduction to the area of ​​HR in the digital era’, ‘Talent attraction in the digital era’, ‘People Analytics strategies and methodologies’ or ‘Data management in HR’, among others. . In addition, students must carry out curricular internships in companies or institutions, a way to facilitate their entry into the professional world, given that sometimes the internships lead to jobs in the same companies. For job and internship guidance, the master’s degree has the support of Selecta Digital, an IT recruitment consultancy specialized in the selection of digital professionals for companies that require these profiles, which has collaborated in the design of the syllabus. In addition to this degree, and in the same line of training digital professionals, ID Digital School collaborates with the UCJC in the management of several additional official master’s degrees, such as its renowned Official Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing, and its Master’s Degree in Political, Business and Digital Communication and it has a technological division -ID Bootcamps- that teaches intensive technological courses, such as its Bootcamp in programming or its bootcamp in data science.

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