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Madrid, March 9, 2023.

Solar Crowd is a Spanish fintech where anyone can invest from 50 euros. Their investments have a return of up to 8% and are earmarked for impact solar energy projects. These operations are highly secure due to their guarantee fund, they have returned 100% of the investments over the years. They defend an ethical investment. They have already impacted more than 30,000 people in a situation of energy poverty in 10 countries and they plan to finance solar energy for one million before 2030

In the current economic context, the population’s pockets are tight due to the effects of inflation and their savings lose value in the bank with each passing day. But the investment alternatives are dizzying due to the volatility and uncertainty of the markets. And as if that were not enough, the citizen, each day more sensitive to environmental and social problems, until now had to make a large outlay if he wanted to access sustainable products. The Solar Crowd.com platform has resolved this dichotomy. In it, anyone can make the most of their savings while generating an impact by reducing the global carbon footprint. It offers a collective investment in solar energy projects suitable for all budgets, with amounts from 50 euros. “Never before has it been so profitable to be sustainable. At this time, investment is essential to mitigate inflation and it has to be within everyone’s reach. And we provide one that capitalizes on the savings while maintaining safety and ethics. The energy sector Solar has only grown in profit for the last ten years, and it’s only just getting started,” explains Eugenio García Calderón, CEO and co-founder of Solar Crowd. Solar Crowd works simply and transparently. You only have to select the specific investment or monthly plan through the web and it is processed in seconds. You can choose between 0 and 8% profitability and obtain the traceability of the project financed with the tons of CO2 avoided. They are highly secure operations due to their guarantee fund, having returned 100% of the investments over the years. This initiative, a spin-off of Light for Humanity, has been very well received due to the current situation of energy demand and its potential return. Since 2017 they have distributed and financed solar energy to vulnerable groups and countries that, despite being solvent, do not have access to credit: Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Mozambique… “The main barrier to access to energy in these territories is subsidizing their infrastructure. has become a profitable opportunity thanks to our project evaluation and guarantee guarantee system”, says Eugenio. This year they expect to finance 3 million euros and an average return of 450,000 in the coming years. His next targets are Honduras, Colombia, Malaysia and several African countries.

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