The stock market in the US is seeing an overall increase today, with the NASDAQ index leading the way towards gains. If the NASDAQ closes positively today, it will mark the sixth consecutive record closing level for the index. In contrast, on Friday, the S&P index experienced a slight decline of 0.04%, breaking its four-day positive streak and four days of successive record closes.

The Dow Industrial Average is also on the rise today, up by 107.46 points or 0.29% at 38697.83. The record high close for the Dow Industrial Average is at 40,003. Similarly, the S&P index is up by 26 points or 0.47% at 5457.21, while the NASDAQ index shows a gain of 82 points or 0.47% at 17772.47.

Some of the winners in today’s trading session include Microsoft with a 0.60% increase, Super Micro Computers with a 3.17% increase, Tesla with a 4.39% increase, Micron with a 3.89% increase, Netflix with a 1.20% increase, Broadcom with a 4.41% increase, Crowdstrike with a 1.0% increase, and Apple with a 1.83% increase.

On Friday, there was a video posted discussing the upward trend in Apple’s stock and what potential factors could impact the bullish sentiment. Currently, Apple is slightly ahead of Microsoft as the highest capitalized stock, with a market capitalization of $3.32 trillion compared to Microsoft’s $3.31 trillion. This highlights the ongoing competition between the two tech giants in the market.

Overall, the positive performance of the stock market, particularly with the NASDAQ index leading the gains, reflects investor optimism and confidence in the current economic conditions. As the market continues to evolve, it will be crucial to monitor key indicators and trends to make informed investment decisions.