FOCUS Online : The Coronavirus has stock exchanges and markets firmly in its grip. More and more back, possible loss of production due to interrupted supply chains in focus. As is the Situation with you at the port of Hamburg up to date?

Ingo Egloff: Our Terminals are full – but that has mainly to do with ships that were in the run up to Hamburg because of a number of storms significantly too late.

But of course we wait on ships from Asia. Europe, China, and back, it takes about 84 days. Three to four weeks of a container freighter is traveling until he is here. The loss of production caused in China by the Coronavirus, will arrive in us, and lead us sooner or later here, too, production bottlenecks, but with a huge delay. Today, we remember the failures specifically.

9,3 million TEU handled, 1.7 million could

FOCUS Online : absence of The wave but inevitably on you. What is your forecast for the impact on the port?

Egloff will be How large the loss, we can say at the end of the year. This depends, among other things, crucially, what time is in China is produced Can make up for the Chinese the failure or some of the productions fall away completely?

Various institutions predict that towards the end of the year, 1.7 million TEU are missing. TEU is the unit in which is measured. A TEU is the equivalent of a Container 20 feet in length. For your orientation: Hamburg 9.3 million TEU, beating annual.

FOCUS Online : What is the most urgent consequence of the Virus for hubs such as Hamburg?

Egloff We have a Problem in container logistics. Each ship carries empty containers. For an export nation like Germany, it is extremely important that the containers arrive, you can fill in. We now have a lot of Export cargo in the Terminals.

The shipments to Asia are the largest – they bring most of the empty container. Because we have to think of Alternatives.

FOCUS Online you can use the already-saving measures to ensure that individual failures can compensate for?

Egloff : There is no need for measures such as short-time working at all. We not only have the driving area in Asia. Our second-largest market are the USA, the third largest in Russia – going so far without any problems.

it Also has changed our business anyway. We used to have a regular load, but the ships will always mean bigger, the: When a freighter comes in, we immediately took a Peak Situation, in the to do a lot of is. Logically, there will be between the run-in of the giant stages of the process with less utilization. All Terminals have adjusted their way of working out. With the SCC-exchange of letters next to values, and in the short term and the long term Top return on investment! (Partner quote) Here is an exclusive 30-day free trial!

Because of Corona, no one has to Worry about the Job

FOCUS Online In times of Corona-panic, they are relaxed and almost overly…

Egloff We will have at the end of the year less envelope, Yes. But our business is always up and down. In the crisis of 2008, we crashed from 10 million TEU to 7 million. We have also released at that time, no one, but with the help of the government, all skilled workers are able to keep.

And that is now our priority, We also need to keep the professionals, because we quickly find a replacement. It must make no one Worry about his Job, which is as safe as the Amen in the Church.

FOCUS Online : How does it look with the overall economy: we Need to expect us soon in a variety of products lack in the trade?

Egloff : China is still the factory of the world. In times of international division of labor, we have supply chains that rely on Chinese production. For example, in the automotive industry, parts that are built in China shipped worldwide. The loss of production in this industry will have an impact, no one can say. Since we are all in with a-rod in the fog on the road.

Also in the clothing industry, there will be problems: fashion chains to bring out up to 20 various lines in the year, which are almost all produced in Asia. Of course, it comes to a break-in.

economy: globalisation can you? back

FOCUS Online : rotate, we Need to see Corona as a Wake-up call, and our production back home

Egloff : The globalization is a development that you can’t turn back. The low level of wages in regions such as Asia makes the present the production is only profitable. It will not be able to restore a self-sustaining production in Europe. Neither the capacity nor Know-how are in place and sufficient – and as already said, it would simply be too expensive to bring the production home.

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