The three entities have been in charge of developing this new functionality


CaixaBank and Santander will join BBVA in integrating digital identification through Bizum, as reported by the payment platform in a statement.

This is a new functionality that is already developed by the three entities, although it has been BBVA that has already started a pilot program with the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UMP), which will be activated in the coming weeks and will allow BBVA clients and university students of the institution use the Bizum digital identifier to access a series of procedures electronically at the university.

CaixaBank and Santander will join BBVA once they make the service available to their clients and businesses.

This digital identifier is a functionality that simplifies the steps that users must take to register and access online services, and do so in a “more convenient, faster and safer” way.

Beyond the three banks that developed this initiative, the platform explains that the rest of the entities that include the Bizum service will progressively incorporate the functionality into their operations, “with the aim of Spanish banking playing an important role in the development of digital identification services” and that this new functionality “can become one of the main identification methods in Spain”.

Bizum explains that the digital identifier is “very simple” to implement on the merchant’s website or app, especially if it has already integrated online payment with the platform, as 57,000 already do today.

Furthermore, to facilitate the process, a website has been launched ( where you can find an explanation of the operation of the service and its implementation.

Likewise, it highlights that the advantages for businesses are “lower verification costs in the case of new customers, greater protection against fraud or the boost to purchase conversion.”