Capital Energy, through its ‘corporate venturing’ vehicle Quantum, has invested one million euros to accelerate the growth of Stemy Energy, a ‘startup’ created in 2018 with the aim of promoting the reduction of both the energy bill of customers as well as its carbon footprint.

With this commitment, Capital Energy indicated that it seeks to strengthen the growth of Stemy Energy and its position as a leader in its segment. In fact, with this round of financing, the startup will be able to increase its structure and make additional investments in order to accelerate its deployment in markets such as Spain and the United Kingdom.

Specifically, this ‘startup’ has software that uses advanced artificial intelligence in the cloud to connect users, allowing them to actively participate in the markets responsible for providing stability to the electrical system.

Through this technology, Stemy aggregates and manages the demand of heterogeneous consumers to achieve a reduction in their bills and their carbon footprint, thereby promoting the efficiency of the electricity market.

Thus, this platform prioritizes local renewable generation, minimizing the loss of electrical resources and helping to reduce dependence on gas, by moderating consumption peaks.

The CEO of Stemy Energy, Álvaro Sánchez Miralles, indicated that with this operation the company “expects to multiply its impact by 10 in the next two years, as well as achieve an efficient company structure prepared for major internationalization.”

For her part, the director of Capital Energy Quantum, Erika Escolar Eguia, was very pleased to “be able to accompany” Stemy in this expansion phase, “multiplying the social and environmental impact of his project. In a context like the current one, solutions that allow energy consumption to be optimized and cost savings for the final consumer are key”.

Capital Energy’s ‘corporate venturing’ vehicle has already collaborated with ‘startups’ such as Liight, Voltaware or Chargy in initiatives that promote energy efficiency, the relationship with the end customer and sustainable behaviour, with the company pioneering the development of energy management systems and hybrid storage solutions HESStec and with the Andalusian technology company Solum, which promotes a photovoltaic charging solution for light electric vehicles, such as scooters.

Endowed with 20 million euros, Quantum, presented by Capital Energy at the end of 2020, seeks to identify a portfolio of EnergyTech startups in Spain and Portugal with the potential to transform the energy sector, reach agreements and invest in them in the coming years. To do this, the company explores different ways, such as association (Venture Client), direct investment (Venture Capital) and the launch of open innovation challenges.