Rolling Stone magazine’s ranking of the greatest singers of all time has been making internet users react since Sunday.

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Main point of dissatisfaction: the forgetting of the Quebecer Céline Dion who is not among the 200 artists classified.

“As a former Rolling Stone subscriber, I am SHOCKED that the queen of music, Celine Dion, whose voice has been known for decades! A showman and a real star who is not even on the list. Cancel me all this!”, Wrote a surfer on Twitter.

Celine Dion is not on Rolling Stone’s list of the greatest singers of all time. But Taylor Swift yes,” criticized another.

Rolling Stone clarifies in its article that it is the “ranking of the greatest singers” and not of the “greatest voices”.

“The talent is impressive. Genius is transcendent,” writes the American magazine.

“Issue 112 reads ‘Ozzy Osbourne didn’t have what people call a great voice. But he sure is.'”

1- Aretha Franklin

2- Whitney Houston

3- Sam Cooke

4- Billie Holiday

5- Mariah Carey

17- Elvis Presley

50- Joni Mitchell

102- Taylor Swift

147-Barbra Streisand

165- Ronnie James Dio

200- Rosalia