U.S. President Joe Biden’s fundraising operation is facing challenges after his poor performance in the recent presidential debate. Some of Biden’s campaign bundlers have reported difficulties in reaching potential donors, with some even receiving negative responses from people questioning why they should donate to Biden.

Bundlers play a crucial role in campaign financing by reaching out to their personal networks for donations. However, some of Biden’s bundlers are considering pausing their fundraising efforts due to uncertainty about his candidacy. Longtime ally and Biden fundraiser, John Morgan, expressed concerns about continuing to raise money until he is sure Biden will remain in the race.

On the other hand, some donors like Stewart Bainum Jr., the chairman of Choice Hotels and a major Biden donor, believe it would be best for the country if Biden dropped out of the race. Bainum emphasized the importance of ensuring Biden’s nomination before continuing to support the campaign financially.

Despite these challenges, Biden’s campaign raised $127 million in June, with a total of $240 million in cash on hand. While Biden’s team is working to reassure donors about his debate performance, some donors are still hesitant to contribute.

In response to donor concerns, Biden joined a phone call with top donors, campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon, and Maryland Gov. Wes Moore. During the call, Biden reiterated his commitment to staying in the race and addressing his debate performance by planning to “attack, attack, attack, attack” Trump in the next debate.

Although some donors, like Abigail Disney, have expressed intentions to halt donations until Biden drops out, there are still many supporters willing to continue contributing. Glen Tullman, CEO of Transcarent, emphasized the importance of supporting Biden despite his imperfections, citing the unacceptable alternative.

Looking ahead, Biden is planning fundraisers in various states, including Texas, California, and Colorado. Despite the challenges in fundraising post-debate, Biden’s team is working to maintain support and secure necessary funds for the upcoming election.

Additional Information:
The role of fundraising in political campaigns is crucial for candidates to finance their operations, advertise effectively, and reach a wider audience. With the increasing costs of running political campaigns, candidates rely heavily on donations from supporters, fundraisers, and bundlers to sustain their candidacy. The challenges faced by Biden in fundraising post-debate highlight the interconnected nature of campaign financing and candidate support. As the election season progresses, fundraising efforts will continue to play a significant role in shaping the political landscape and determining candidates’ viability.