More than 48 hours after the start of the outages that plunged hundreds of thousands of Quebecers into darkness, many are still waiting for the proverbial light to return.

In the land of snow and cold, the miracle of accessible electricity for all is sorely awaited.

The longest night

After two years of painful health restrictions, aborted end-of-year celebrations, canceled parties and torn families, all hopes were allowed.

Not having seen autumn pass, I had been ironic for a few days when my relatives confirmed to me that, like me, they had the impression “we won’t make it! “A bit as if we had lost the rhythm of the preparations for the Holidays because of these two disabled editions.

To each, I would reply: “Think about the last two Christmases, seriously, the bar is really not high for this one to be considered a success. »

Coup de theater: BLACK

Black, when the solstice arrives, when all affected by autumn try to convince themselves that soon they will be able to stop exploding their retinas with artificial lights so as not to sink before the return of the 17 days that we call summer.

The only news that may be acceptable in this snub of chance: in winter, we are more likely to save part of the contents of the tomb freezer than in the middle of a heat wave… With the inflation we are experiencing, for many families, to lose a fridge is to lose everything.

Between the ox and the gray donkey

Then, I think back to this Child-God whose coming we remember. This little traveler, born in the most rudimentary of discomforts, of a doubtful parentage and whose mode of heating was limited to the breath of an ox and a donkey was going to change the face of the world.

Like what, from adversity sometimes great things are born…

Happy Holidays, dear readers!