The Industry and Tourism Commission of Congress will debate this Tuesday a PP initiative to achieve a net emissions-free industry, based on the use of biomethane, green hydrogen networks and energy storage infrastructures.

Through a non-legal proposal, which Europa Press accessed, the Popular Group intends to comply with the Draft Regulation for the development of the ‘Net Zero’ industry of the European Commission, which derives from the EU’s ‘Green Deal’ and which could be the last legislative project of the European legislature.

The ‘popular’ want biomethane to be one of the axes of the decarbonization process in this zero-emissions industry, especially in those areas “that are difficult to electrify.”

The training sees this type of gas as a “strategic opportunity” to take advantage of its compatibility with current industrial production processes and with injection into the mesh gas network in Spain.

Another matter that the PP wants to promote is green hydrogen. It proposes strengthening production infrastructure to allow Spain to become a leader in the production of alternative fuels for the aviation and maritime transport sector.

On the other hand, the Popular Group suggests developing energy storage infrastructure to guarantee the stability and efficiency of the national electricity network. Also invest in research and innovation in the development of high-capacity batteries, thermal storage and other emerging technologies.

The PP plan wants to give prominence to deindustrialized territories, so that these areas in Spain are prioritized when investing and specific investments are encouraged to balance regional development and guarantee that the transition towards carbon neutrality is “fair and inclusive”.

The PP proposal to reach this zero-emissions industry also includes the promotion of public-private collaboration, the promotion of social development, the promotion of tax incentives and subsidies and a specific line of European funds to achieve the objective.

In terms of labor, the Popular Group urges the establishment of training and requalification programs in ‘Net Zero’ technologies so that workers acquire the specific technical skills required in sectors such as renewable energies, energy efficiency and waste management.

In turn, they want the Spanish mining geological map to be updated “urgently” to identify strategic raw materials; and study the possibility of allocating a percentage of the revenues of the Emissions Trading System to the plan.

To reach this zero-emissions industry, the PP first proposes developing a national authority that is in charge of supervising the milestones of the process, so that it appears quarterly in Congress and publishes reports periodically.