Activity in the construction sector grew by 7.2% in Spain during 2023, above the 5.5% that increased a year ago, according to data from Nalanda, a document management platform for the coordination of business activities in Spain.

In this period, the construction sector offered a total of 20,044 works on this platform, compared to the 18,696 published in 2022, although in the second half of the year growth slowed, with 9,603 works, only 3% more than in the same period of the previous year.

78% of the works offered had a budget of less than 500,000 euros, 11% between 1 and 10 million euros, and works with a cost of more than 10 million euros accounted for 2% of the total.

The number of works offered by autonomous communities during 2023 is led by Catalonia, which accounted for more than 19% of the total (3,853), followed by Andalusia (3,005, 15% of the market), Madrid (2,256, 11%) and the Community Valenciana (2,058, 10%).

During that year 2023, the communities that grew the most in number of works were Navarra (31%), the Canary Islands (26%), Galicia and La Rioja (24%) and Asturias (23%). Ceuta (21%), Murcia (18%), Valencian Community (17%), Castilla y León (16%) and Aragón (12%) also grew above average during this year.

On the contrary, Catalonia (5%), Madrid (3%) and the Basque Country (2%) are below the national average. The communities that decreased the most during the year were Cantabria (-35%), Melilla (-21%), and Castilla La Mancha (-6%).

On the other hand, the average number of subcontractors per project was 4.2 companies and the average number of workers per project was 98 people, 6% less than in 2022, so that each subcontracted company had an average of 24 workers.

“This decrease in workers per project despite the growth in activity may be a consequence of the fact that some construction processes are being increasingly automated: contractors and their supply chain are increasingly efficient, which results in a greater sustainability of the system,” explains Nalanda’s Marketing Director, Ricardo Muriel.