Asufin detects that although most distribution chains comply with the discount, many of them round off the discounts “in their favor”


The drop in VAT decreed by the Government has caused the basic shopping basket to now cost 10% less than before the measure, which is about 3.56 euros on average, as published by the Association of Financial Users ( Asufin) after carrying out a survey among the main supermarkets.

Asufin has observed that, although the majority of food distribution chains are complying with the reduction dictated by the Executive, many of them “round off the discounts in their favor and do not reach the appropriate percentage.” In addition, the association points out that, after the Christmas holidays, it is normal for prices to be reduced with promotions to boost purchases.

For this analysis, Asufin has compared the prices that the average basket had before the measure was implemented, on December 29, and the first day after its entry into force in 2023. This basic basket included basic necessities such as flour, eggs, milk, bread, rice, pasta, oil, fruit and vegetables.

The average purchase at El Corte Ingl├ęs before the VAT drop amounted to 35.49 euros, a figure that fell to 29.98 on the first business day of 2023, this being the supermarket in which the measure has been most widely noticed. force, by promoting savings of 5.51 euros to its customers.

It is followed by the Alcampo chain, with a discount of 4.24 euros, and the Dia establishments, with a discount of 3.32 euros. In Mercadona, a drop in the price of the basic basket of 2.6 euros has been observed, and in Carrefour, of 2.14 euros.

These price reductions are the result of the new measure of the Government’s anti-crisis package that decrees the elimination of the super-reduced VAT of 4% on basic necessities and a reduction of the tax burden on oils and pastes from 10% to 5%.