The second vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, and the deputy of Vox Inés María Cañizares have staged this Wednesday in the Plenary Session of Congress a new scuffle regarding the “destruction” of employment in Spain, given the that Díaz has reiterated that “as much as it weighs them down”, referring to Vox, “Spain is the leader in job creation after the labor reform”.

During the government control session in the Lower House, the minister blamed Vox for the data presented by Cañizares “once again, they are incorrect”, since in line with Eurostat, she said, “Spain is the leader in the creation permanent employment in Europe”.

In this sense, Cañizares has asked Díaz how he explains the destruction of employment in Spain in two consecutive quarters, ironizing that let’s see if Spanish citizens “are lucky today”, and instead of “boring with a Sumar rally , with hidden data and programs”, the minister manages to give a “sensible, truthful and realistic” answer.

Cañizares has accused the head of Labor and Social Economy that the problem in Spain “is the disappearance of companies, which leads to a greater spiral of poverty with less employment and lower wages”, as well as that the Government continues “erre erre with offshoring, and that’s not the problem”.

The second vice president has responded to Cañizares’ criticism, reproaching him that “since they did not learn from the motion of censure, it would be good if they reviewed the reports from Caixabank, the Bank of Spain, and the Monetary Fund.”

The Minister of Labor has also offered some data on the labor market, for example, the 20.4 million employed in Spain, and the 9.5 million women affiliated with Social Security, which Díaz has valued as a “historic figure”.