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the new Augustnominerade book ”and Then came the winter, this is a ångestsaga if it is an annual natural disaster, we are calling this winter.

In the film, we see a single rabbit with an extreme need for control, which is the cold time of the year will come as a complete shock. He wants to just take care of the morotslandet! What are these white hairs in the coat!

”my Death, taking the hare to himself,” writes Gustafsson.

This is the release of a dark read for the target audience as three years of age and older (with their parents), for which the King Bore in the season, in other words, very little of the glimmering trails, but more of a luftvägsvirus and snoriga building in endless rows.

this is basically a story about the courage to live in uncertainty.

at last, a vinterbok is almost completely without any of the rosy kindernas tillkämpade kälkeufori! Instead, hit the hare, the tough – with-a psykologterm – depersonalisations-when he looks in the mirror one morning, and the coat became white. And he knows, simply did not recognize him.

At the absolute top, is the artist Gustavsson in the scenes of the good effect of brunmurriga again. Snöpartiklarna shimmer, and singles are down to a magic ljuskon the agony and the hare, which, of course, is just ”want everything to be like before”.

this is basically a story about the courage to live in uncertainty. And it’s on the way has so miserably fails to do so, right up to the end of it.

How could you not love this bear?

When I testläser at home, it turns out that it is a bit of a raw Gustavsson-the humour becomes almost too scary for the little people in the audience, especially when he flirts with the horror film.

But we must at the same time, the brown bear, which is a one-shot story, Too-ticki and agree to all of the change in the stoically calm. How can you not love this bear?

as of the Tove Jansson ”

muminklassiker ”Trollvinter” balance ”and Then came the winter, at the boundary between the deepest blacks and the cause of the heat. There is a single individual, but the social, the backup is at a loss faced with the horrors of what we so common to call ”snow”. Until someone comes along and says, ”I’ll find out”.

Then came the winter.

Little They

Age: From 3 years old.

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