EiDF, a company specializing in photovoltaic solar energy installations, has approved in an extraordinary meeting various agreements that empower the board of directors to continue working on the procedures for the jump to the Continuous Market.

Thus, the board has approved the revocation of the auditors Crowe Auditores EspaƱa and the appointment of PWC as its individual and consolidated accounts auditor for the next three years.

In addition, it has given the ‘green light’ to the reclassification of voluntary reserves and the creation of an unavailable capitalization reserve for the next five years in the terms established in article 25 of Law 27/2014, of November 27, of Corporate Tax amounting to 703,280.75 euros.

The meeting has also agreed to increase the number of members of the board of directors, from eight to nine directors, with the appointment of Nuria Villaescusa Serrano, with the category of independent director.