The center of Preciados becomes a test bench with its new concept of open restaurant and supermarket


El Corte Inglés has renovated its Preciados center in Madrid with a new supermarket concept, which incorporates a special space for prepared dishes, which will be implemented in other centers in Spain and with the opening of a new concept of open restaurant ‘Las Nubes Market ‘.

Specifically, the space located in the heart of the Spanish capital becomes a test bench for the group to test dishes and proposals, which will be exported to different centers throughout Spain.

In this way, El Corte Inglés has undertaken a major renovation of the Preciados supermarket, in which it has included a space for prepared dishes, which, due to its dimensions, has become a spacious and the only one with an open kitchen, the most big of the group

A space that has 25 workers and in which more than 120 different references are made, betting on seasonal products, where stews, vegetables, seasonal legumes, rice dishes, Asian food, creams and artisan desserts stand out.

An average of 800 people pass through this area per day with an average ticket of 13.5 euros, highlighting the regular customers of the center, as well as office workers during the week, while the public throughout the weekend the customer is more familiar. However, they have more than doubled on specific dates such as last Christmas, where 1,800 people passed, according to company data to which Europa Press has had access.

In this way, the Preciados center is serving the company to test dishes and proposals to later take them to the different centers of the group.

Another novelty in the center of Precidados is the restaurant ‘Las Nubes Market’, under the ‘free flow’ concept, where customers can choose between different types of cuisine, from Italian to Asian, including typical Madrid dishes. , which are prepared at the moment by more than 30 people in front of the diner and with different spaces where they can be tasted.

This is an innovative concept that has been completely renovated, creating different and additional spaces in the restaurant, which has a vaulted oven for pizzas, a wok area, a Basque grill and even its own pastry and bakery workshop and where It is committed to the raw material and national product.

‘Las Nubes Market’ has an open space in which to taste the dishes with good views, since windows with views of the Royal Theater and Palace have been incorporated. In addition, it has a unique concept, a ‘Speakeasy’, a private room with table service for special occasions and events.

In the group’s commitment to gastronomy, the firm has several restaurants of this style, the first being the one located in Barcelona in the center of Plaza Cataluña, which is also a ‘free flow’ format with ‘Plaza Gastro Mercat’, and which It is also present in Alicante and Valencia, in the center of Colón.