The union that represents emergency medical dispatchers anticipates service failures if no discussion with Quebec is initiated to establish a new collective agreement.

The workers who are represented by the Federation of Prehospital Employees of Quebec (FPHQ) have been without a contract for nine months. The union formation thinks that some of its members will choose to leave the profession if nothing is settled and that it will remain difficult to attract new employees.

“We have nothing competitive to offer to convince the workers. Our employees are underpaid, taking into account the skills required and the working conditions where we must be available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day,” declared Daniel Chouinard, president of the Fédération des Prehospital of Quebec, in a press release.

The union points the finger at the salary of $21.37 an hour, which it believes would be unattractive. Uncovered shifts, weeks of over 70 hours for some workers and longer response times are also denounced.

Remember that emergency medical dispatchers accompany citizens who are waiting for paramedics. They also indicate the steps to follow and the first aid techniques to apply, if necessary. Those at the Laurentides-Lanaudière Health Communication Center also launched an indefinite strike on December 22.