Vidrala has acquired, through its British subsidiary Encirc, the bottling facilities and logistics infrastructure operated by Accolade Wines in Bristol (United Kingdom) and known under the name ‘The Park’, for a total amount of 30 million pounds sterling (34 million euros), as reported by the glass manufacturing company to the National Securities and Markets Commission (CNMV).

These facilities have three large glass bottling lines, as well as additional filling lines in different packaging formats, which mostly meet the needs of Accolade Wines and other external clients, obtaining annual revenues of around 30 million pounds. sterling.

Under the agreement, Encirc has signed a long-term supply contract with Accolade Wines that will benefit both parties by increasing and optimizing glass supply, offering quality filling services, “efficient” logistics, cost competitiveness and ensuring volumes. in the long term in a context in which the development of specialized operations in the supply chain is becoming a “critical factor for success”, differentiation and efficiency for the beverage industry.

The closure is pending some approvals and procedures, including the transfer of personnel from ‘The Park’ who will join Encirc and the Vidrala group, “maintaining their current conditions”, as the company has clarified.

With more than 1,400 employees in more than 40 countries around the world, Accolade markets approximately 275 million liters of wine per year in 130 countries. In the UK, Accolade Wines is a market leader and has been a strategic customer for years prior to this new deal which will create “a new era of strategic collaboration”.

“The acquisition of ‘The Park’ space will expand Vidrala’s business, increase differentiation and ensure sales, profitability and the future”, they have highlighted from the Spanish showcase.