The Minister for Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, highlighted this Wednesday, before the Toledo Pact Commission, that the European Commission “appreciates and values” the previous conversations with the Government to move forward with the second leg of the pension reform.

Escrivá has commented that, during the last two months, he has had meetings with the European authorities to be able to “incorporate details before a regulatory closure”.

Thus, the agreement signed this Wednesday between the Government and the unions contemplates a pension calculation formula in which the current 25 years coexist with a new 29 years with the possibility of excluding the two worst years.

“We have had to review this issue of the formula because the Commission had a bit of doubt. I think that in the end we have convinced the EC of the goodness of having this type of formula”, Escrivá added in his speech.

In Escrivá’s opinion, these conversations between the Government and Brussels facilitate “an understanding between the two parties of how to interpret milestones and objectives.”