The transport company ESK has won the first IndesIA Datathon, the association for the application of artificial intelligence in the industry, with a solution to predict gas consumption in storage centers.

The company, in collaboration with Repsol and Piperlab, won a two-day event held at the Microsoft headquarters in Madrid in which the participating companies had to develop solutions in a short space of time, according to a statement.

The application of ESK means an improvement in the forecast of the need for gas, between 45% and 60%, compared to the model currently used, which implies cost reductions and environmental impact in the operation.

The participants have also had the IndesIA analytical platform to develop their projects. The president of the organization, Valero Marín, has stressed that the event is a sample of the value of work between various companies.

Among the participants was Grupo Cuñado, which, together with Técnicas Reunidas and Kabel/Avanade, has developed a solution to measure the level of merchandise saturation in warehouses. For their part, ITP Aero, Airbus and Tinámica have launched a solution to predict defects in aircraft engine turbines and Ford, Gestamp and Turing have created an algorithm for intelligent sequencing in automobile manufacturing to optimize load of work.

On the other hand, Grupo Inagas, Repsol and Verne have carried out a project to develop more efficient delivery routes and Enagas, Ferrovial and Bravent have established a series of patterns to monitor natural gas storage and delivery points to traders and distributors and identify events to guarantee its correct operation, such as the opening and closing of gas valves.

IndesIA is a Spanish association of artificial intelligence for the industry, made up of nine large Spanish companies –Repsol, Gestamp, Navantia, Técnicas Reunidas, Telefónica, Microsoft, Airbus, Ferrovial and Inditex– and which has the support of the Basque Artificial Intelligence Center (BAIC), and Accenture.