Faes Farma recorded an attributable profit of 73.99 million euros during the first nine months of this year, which represents an increase of 4.7% compared to a year earlier, as reported by the pharmaceutical company, which maintains forecasts for 2022, continuing with growth and creating shareholder value.

Between January and September, revenues reached 352 million euros, 9.7% more, while the gross operating result (Ebitda) stood at 100.6 million euros, with an increase of 5.8%.

Despite the increase in costs, the Ebitda as of September reached 30.2% of sales, thanks to the good performance of revenues.

Looking ahead to the end of this year, the company maintains its forecasts, with an estimated profit of between 89 and 93 million, which represents a growth of around 11%, while it expects to increase its profit before taxes by approximately 10%. , to between 100 and 104 million euros.

Finally, Faes Farma estimates that the turnover will grow by 8%, to a range of between 422 and 437 million euros.