((This note replaces the previous one on the same topic))


Ferrovial’s Dutch parent company debuted this Friday on both the Spanish and Amsterdam stock exchanges with a lag that is common for new additions to the stock market, still without a fixed price after 10:20 a.m.

As sources from Bolsas y Mercados EspaƱoles (BME) have explained to Europa Press, in the prime trading hours of any new addition to the stock market, it is common for the publication of prices to be somewhat delayed in time.

In any case, since the Netherlands and Spain are the same capital market, the European one, there will be maximum coordination between both prices, so once a price is published this Friday morning, it will mark the same price on both parquets. price.

Otherwise, there would be a margin of difference that investors could take advantage of to buy shares of the same company in the market where they are cheapest and sell them in which they are most expensive, an effect known as arbitrage.

In addition, the Spanish and Dutch stock markets open and close at the same time, even having the same holidays marked.

The reference price for Ferrovial is 28.92 euros per share, which is the price at which the shares closed on the Spanish stock market on Thursday.