The management of Ford and the majority union, UGT, have agreed to transfer two days of production stoppage in the assembly of engines, within the temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) that is in force at the Almussafes factory (Valencia).

Specifically, the stop scheduled for Wednesday April 26 is modified and is scheduled for Monday the 24th of the same month. Likewise, the ERTE scheduled for Friday, June 16, is transferred to Tuesday, April 25, as reported by the UGT.

The ERTE Mixed Monitoring Commission met this Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. to address the changes, derived from the instability in the supply of semiconductors and derivative components.

The factory has been chaining different ERTEs since 2020. These files potentially affect, in whole or in part, the entire workforce. During these production stops, workers receive 80% of their salary and 100% of the payments, preserving seniority and vacations.