Germany, Austria, Chile and Portugal. Four destinations and as many white wines sold at bargain prices. Everything to put freshness in your glass and sunshine in your aperitifs.


Domain Wachau, Grüner Veltliner 2021, Selection, Wachau, Austria

17,85 $ – Code SAQ 13750089 – 12,5 %

The grüner veltliner has colonized much of the land along the Danube, east of Vienna, where it can give infinitely fresh and light white wines, but full of character. This entry-level is at the top of its game in 2021. Dry, straight, faithful to the varietal character of the grape variety, with vegetal notes, between white pepper and keffir lime, which are added to the flavors of Asian pear and give a wine rather remarkable for the price.

Thörle, Riesling 2021, Dry, Rheinhessen, Allemagne

23,25 $ – Code SAQ 14035626 – 12 %

This historic family estate in Saulheim in the Rheinhessen has been run since 2006 by the brothers Christoph and Johannes Thörle. The vines are organically grown, with biodynamic practices. Their 2021 is faithful to what one would expect from a good dry Riesling from Rheinhessen. Not particularly complex, but crisp, with clean flavors of white fruits, lime blossom, lemon and tangerine. Light and invigorating. A nice pairing with ginger-fried prawns.

Marques de Casa Concha, Chardonnay 2020, Valle del Limari, Chili

19,95 $ – Code SAQ 11416141 – 13,5 %

Marcelo Papa, oenologist at Concha y Toro, has been exploring for twenty years the great potential of Chardonnay in the limestones of Quebrada Seca, in the Limarí Valley. This 2020 makes you want to prove him right, once again. A rather complex white wine, rich in aromas of white fruits, lemon zest and straight marzipan, whose vibrant and tense mouth could even rally the detractors of Chardonnay. Its long finish lifted with noble bitterness makes you want pasta with lobster in a bisque sauce.

Manuel Carvalho Martins, Douro blanc 2020, Pacto, Portugal

17,70 $ – Code SAQ 14491251 – 13 %

This white wine is made from Viosinho, Rabigato and Gouveio from a single plot in the Douro Superior. The altitude (550 m) of the site and its continental climate allow the grapes to ripen more slowly and develop maximum aromas, while maintaining a healthy acidity. Juicy, both alluring and nuanced; frankly tasty and firmly rooted in its terroir.