Québec Solidaire has pledged to double the number of weeks of paid leave per year for workers during its National Council on Saturday.

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“It’s time we got out of the old vision of the economy, the one where we thought that prosperity came from the exhaustion of employees. We are due for a new vision, where economy rhymes with quality of life, ”explained spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois at a press conference.

Studies have shown that rest has positive effects on productivity. “According to a 2014 study, for every 10 hours of vacation employees take, their performance increases by 8%. The measure should also have positive effects on absenteeism and presenteeism rates,” Québec Solidaire said in a press release.

The political formation is committed to offering a minimum of 4 weeks of vacation per year to all workers, after having accumulated one year of seniority.

“The burnout of workers is a scourge in Quebec society and it is very expensive for businesses: $ 3.5 billion a year,” lamented the economist and professor at the University of Quebec in Outaouais, Mathieu Dufour, solidarity candidate in Hull.