The Nobel Prize is a prestigious award that is awarded annually in 6 nominations. It has existed since 1901. Initially, there were only 5 categories: chemistry, medicine, physiology, peace promotion, and literature. In 1969, another nomination appeared – economics.

Peace Prize

Traditionally, the winners become famous in the middle of autumn, and the presentation ceremony takes place on December 10. Bookmakers offering bets on non-sporting disciplines, of course, cannot ignore an event of this magnitude. Therefore, since the end of summer, many bookmakers have an opportunity to bet on the Nobel Prize.

Most bookmakers open a line only for bets on the Nobel Peace Prize and on literature, since here it is much easier for bettors to navigate the circle of applicants.

This is the most popular line among all 6 Nobel Prize categories. The circle of applicants is usually well known to the general public. Their actions are often linked by politics, so they are constantly in sight.

Usually the circle of applicants is quite large.

It can include people and entire organizations. For example, in 2020, the list included 107 organizations and 210 people. Most often these are politicians, public organizations, activists, religious leaders, etc.

Sometimes the presence of a certain person or organization in the circle of applicants can cause controversy and even scandals, and the winners are not always predictable.

Nobel Prize for Literature

Recently, this market has somewhat lost ground. Not all bookmakers open a line of bets on the Nobel Prize in Literature. You can try this type of bets in Mostbet. By the way, she gives the Mostbet promo code for the first bets, so you should take advantage of this offer. However, it is very tempting for those who like high odds.

The fact is that odds rarely drop below 2.0. But even the obvious favorites, according to the bookmaker, do not always win.

It is worth noting that over all the years bookmakers managed to guess the name of the winner in this category only 3 times:

  • in 2003 the prize was won by South African writer John Coetzee;
  • in 2006 – Turk Orhan Pamuk;
  • in 2008 – the Frenchman Gustave Leclezio.

Writers who were not even on the short list of bookmakers often won, for example, in 2016 the prize was awarded to Bob Dylan, whose winning odds were not accepted below 17.0. Interestingly, he is not even a writer, but is known for his music.

The most important thing is that an ordinary person can get acquainted with the works of applicants, having formed their own opinion. This will allow you to choose your favorite without relying on the odds offered by the office.


Betting on the Nobel Prize cannot be called the most popular line, however, according to the bookmaker’s data, since 2016 the volume of accepted bets has increased by 7 times. Main advantages:

  • high odds;
  • favorites do not often win.

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