The weather will be generally sunny across most of Quebec, with seasonal temperatures and virtually humidity-free.

In the southwest of the province, the cloudiness in the morning should give way to clear skies, particularly in the Outaouais, Montreal and Montérégie.

Temperatures will fluctuate between 23 and 25 degrees in all southern parts of the province, according to Environment Canada forecasts.

In the center of the province, the weather will also be sunny with perhaps an alternation of sun and clouds in the Estrie and Beauce sectors.

The same topo should prevail in Quebec where we expect stable temperatures of 23 degrees, but a little less in the areas further north.

The good weather will also be there in eastern Quebec, with however some passing clouds, especially on part of the North Shore.

Wednesday will not quite have its summer aspect, due to possible showers in the southern and central sectors of the province.