Iberdrola has launched ‘Shareholder Month’ in a virtual and interactive space through its website that will have four thematic rooms related to the environment, governance, social and financial aspects, as reported by the company in a statement on Thursday.

In this virtual section, the Iberdrola shareholder will be able to follow and participate in the Meeting through digital channels and mobile applications, as well as follow the event live on April 28. In addition, shareholders will be able to certify their participation through the blockchain network, in a secure and unalterable way and guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data through encryption.

On the other hand, the company has created a new interactive space in the form of a virtual experience, where the user can create their own personalized avatar, express themselves with emoticons and participate in gamification initiatives, while immersing themselves in a virtual environment with 360 videos, projects innovators of the company and the situation of the energy transition.

In this sense, Iberdrola defends that these initiatives are part of an “innovation trajectory” since 2012, when they opened an interactive channel for shareholder inquiries. Subsequently, in 2015, they celebrated Shareholder Day and last year they turned this day into Shareholder Week, in a virtual format.