Iberia, Air Europa and Vueling are present in the AirHelp world ranking of the best airlines prepared each year, occupying positions number 19, 66 and 73, respectively.

The AirHelp Score ranking was created in 2015 and assesses the excellence of its services, punctuality, claims processing and quality of airport spaces dedicated to shops and restaurants.

Thus, the first Spanish airline that appears in the Airhelp ranking is Iberia, which occupies the nineteenth position in the world ranking, with an overall score of 7.62 points, with 8.4 in punctuality, 7.9 in satisfaction of clients and a 6.5 in its efficiency in processing claims.

Iberia has improved more than 1.5 points compared to the 2022 ranking, causing an increase of more than 20 positions, when it was in position 42.

The second national airline that appears in the classification is Air Europa, with 66th place. It obtains an overall score of 5.97, 7.4 in punctuality, 8.2 in customer estimation and a very poor 2. 4 in the processing of claims.

According to AirHelp data, the airline has increased its interruption records by 10% compared to 2022 – from 15.99% in 2022 to 25.86% in 2023 – which has caused Air Europa to lose more of a point in the note that refers to the punctuality of their flights.

Third on the Spanish podium is Vueling, in 84th place and with an overall score of 5.78; a punctuality of 8, a 7 in customer ratings and a 2.3 in complaints management.

Regarding the airlines most valued by Spanish passengers, Eurowings is in first place (2.55% of flights operated), followed by the Spanish Iberia (17.81% of operations in Spain) and, in third place, the Dutch Transavia (1.57% flights in Spain).

For yet another year, the best-rated airline is Qatar Airways, which has maintained the lead in the ranking since 2018 and consolidates its position in first place as the best airline in the world with an overall score of 8.38.

Second in the ranking is Eurowings, which obtains an overall score of 8.27, while the Polish company LOT Polish occupies third place with a score of 8.11. The three airlines in the ‘top 3’ have stood out due to the consistency in their effective processing of passenger complaints, their high punctuality and the high rating of their customers.

Two other airlines that stand out for their good performance in 2023 are the Finnish Finnair and Atlantic Airways, which experience the greatest rise, from 27th to 13th and from 35th to 21st, respectively. On the contrary, British Airways experiences a drop from 47th place in 2022 to 82nd in 2023.