The Inditex board of directors has agreed to propose to the general shareholders’ meeting, which will be held on July 11, that the number of members of said body be set at ten after the departure of the former president of Banco Popular Emilio Saracho.

Specifically, Saracho, who has been a member of the Inditex board since July 2010, will leave his position as an Inditex director once his term expires at the next general meeting of shareholders.

Inditex has thanked his “important” contribution to the council. From the company they have specified to Europa Press that their vacancy will not be covered.

Thus, the board of directors will be made up as follows: Marta Ortega, José Arnau, Amancio Ortega and Flora Pérez Marcote, all of them proprietary; Óscar García Maceiras (executive) and as independents Denise Patricia Kingsmill, Anne Lange, Pilar López Álvarez, José Luis Durán Schulz and Rodrigo Echenique.

Saracho, a director at Inditex with the category of ‘Other external’, is currently a member of the board of directors of International Consolidated Airlines Group and provides advisory services as Senior Advisor of Altamar Capital Partners.

On the other hand, as approved in March 2023, the Inditex board of directors will propose to the shareholders’ meeting the approval of a dividend of 1.20 euros per share charged to the results of the 2022 financial year.

This dividend is made up of two equal payments of 0.60 euros per share: the first has already been made on May 2, 2023 and the second will be made on November 2, 2023.