Indra points to North America, Brazil, Colombia and Italy as geographies with great growth opportunities for group units such as Minsait and Transport, with a view to meeting its financial targets for 2023, a year that it expects to end with a turnover of 4,000 million euros, which it would be another record year.

In the case of the technological transformation subsidiary, the company considers that it has the capacity to further penetrate the segment of means of payment in Italy and Brazil.

Minsait’s financial services segment has generated revenues of 811 million euros in 2022, 12.8% more, thanks to growth in Latin America (Chile, Mexico and Ecuador) and Spain.

In the case of Mexico and Colombia, the company believes that the greatest potential is found in the Industry and Consumer divisions.

Minsait has increased its portfolio by 8% to 1,722 million euros in projects contracted at the end of the year.

In November, Indra signed a binding agreement to acquire the air traffic business in the United States of Selex (part of Grupo Leonardo), which allowed the Spanish company to enter this market.

During the conference for analysts presenting the results, the CEO, Ignacio Mataix, highlighted the opportunity that this project represents for business expansion and entry into the Canadian market.

The air traffic sector is one of the markets in which Indra is a world leader and has reported 314 million euros in revenue to the group, 8.6% more, after growing 12% in the last quarter, above from pre-pandemic levels.

Mataix has stressed that he hopes that the recovery of air transport via will contribute to further boosting this business for the group, which in 2022 grew after increasing its activity with Enaire and sealing significant contracts in Germany, Norway, India and Australia.