Florida Community Builds Resilient Homes Amid Insurance Crisis

Florida’s homeowners are facing a crisis as extreme weather events lead to skyrocketing insurance bills and insurers pulling out of the market. However, developer Marshall Gobuty of Pearl Homes has taken a bold step to address this issue by creating a community of homes that can withstand the strongest storms.

Located in Cortez, Florida, Hunters Point is an 86-unit community where residents have already experienced the resilience of their homes. Built to be net-zero, these homes have weathered two hurricanes while producing more energy than they consume. Ground-floor flood vents and full-home metal strappings have proven to be crucial features in ensuring the homes’ durability.

As Florida’s insurance market struggles with the withdrawal of major insurers, Hunters Point stands out as a beacon of hope. With only about 4,000 residents, Cortez is gaining attention for its innovative approach to home resilience in the face of climate change.

Gobuty and his team spent months testing their prototype homes to ensure they could withstand any weather conditions. By incorporating solar and battery power, as well as using advanced insulation techniques, the homes have exceeded expectations in terms of energy efficiency and strength.

During Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Idalia, Hunters Point homes stood strong while nearby properties suffered significant damage. Residents have praised the homes for their resilience and sustainability features, attracting both young families and retirees looking for a secure living environment.

With the ongoing climate crisis, the success of Hunters Point serves as a model for future residential developments that prioritize sustainability and disaster resistance. As other parts of Florida grapple with insurance challenges, this community offers a ray of hope for homeowners looking for a more secure future.