The company Jeff has received 90 million dollars – about 83 million euros – in an investment operation made up of debt and ‘equity’, and supported by funds such as DXVentures, Clean Ventures, Stelac or Prism, and existing partners such as Nalpa or Alcor, led by the company’s ‘chairman’, Javier Rubió.

This new capital increase, which is added to the 43 million dollars (40 million euros) previously raised, aims to “continue with his vision of democratizing entrepreneurship through his product; the technological part as Jeff Advisor, his AI tool that helps and guides entrepreneurs, Jeff Suite, its intelligent business management software or Real Estate and Jeff Capital projects,” the firm explained in a statement.

The company’s objective is to achieve profitability during the year 2023. To this end, the technology company will invest the capital obtained in becoming “the largest company in the world in the laundry vertical, reinforcing its commitment to Jeff Advisor, its AI solution to guide entrepreneurs , and remove the financial barriers to starting a business through Jeff Capital.”

Following the coronavirus pandemic, Jeff “has been greatly affected in most of the countries where he operates” and “during the last few months he has had financial difficulties, which have already been resolved with the receipt of this investment,” he explained.

“This investment operation not only solves our current situation, but also allows us to have years of stability and sufficient capital to be able to continue developing our vision based on profitability,” says CEO and co-founder of the company, Eloi Gómez.

In addition, he has ensured that the company has its mission “clearer than ever”: “Democratize entrepreneurship so that anyone regardless of their knowledge or capital can run their own business. This investment allows Jeff to recover his leadership and reinforces our product to get more and more people in the world to be able to undertake”.

Jeff puts a ‘Business in a Box’ system at the service of entrepreneurs, with technology, know-how, advice and a brand with an international presence, so that “anyone who wants to manage a business can have more facilities than if you set it up on your own.”

Thus, it offers a set of services that “aspire to make people’s day-to-day life more bearable” with an omnichannel approach (web, app and physical point of sale).

This entrepreneur-run ecosystem of services is made possible by its laundry, beauty, fitness, coworking verticals, and most recently its new coffee-to-go vertical, Coffee Jeff.