Junts spokesperson, Josep Rius, has assured that the ‘yes’ of the former president of the Generalitat and Junts MEP Carles Puigdemont to a possible motion of censure against the president of the Government, Pedro S├ínchez, if he does not comply with what was agreed with his party at the rate what they expect was not a “firm” proposal.

In an interview this Tuesday in Ser Catalunya collected by Europa Press, he explained that the conversation between the former Catalan president and the president of the European People’s Party (EPP), Manfred Weber, was framed in a context of “snideness.”

“In no case was it a proposal that was firm and serious, but rather it was more the result of the context that existed,” stressed the Junts spokesperson.

According to the online publication ‘Politico’, Weber and Puigdemont chatted informally when they met at an event where the German politician reproached him for “feeding” Vox, to which the former president responded by pointing out the possibility of Junts reaching agreements with the PP during the course of the legislature.

Asked about this, Puigdemont later assured ‘Politico’ that if there is not enough progress in the talks with the PSOE for the recognition of Catalonia as a nation, Junts “could vote with the PP to knock down the budget or in a resolution on Israel, in where the positions are actually more aligned.”

Likewise, the former president of the Generalitat warned that for his party to align with the PP, the conservative formation should also take a step towards them: “They cannot continue treating me like a terrorist,” he stated.