Kim Clavel became the new WBC light flyweight world champion last night at the Casino de Montreal.

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Clavel (17-0, 3 KOs) signed an almost perfect performance against Yenesia Gomez (19-6-3, 6 KOs). She won by unanimous decision (100-90, 99-91 and 99-91) against the Mexican champion.

Danielle Bouchard’s protege thus becomes the second Quebec champion in history. She joins Marie-Ève ​​Dicaire in this select club.

“Finally! I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long,” Clavel said. I’ve been waiting for it since my first day in the pros. One day, we will fill even bigger halls. This is just the start of a great story.

“Over the past few months, I have taken the opportunity to improve and repeat movements. Some weaknesses have become strengths.

We witnessed a beautiful moment when all the boxers of GYM and members of his family joined him in the ring. On the other hand, she did not have much time to savor her unique moment.

A hellish pace

From the first bell, Clavel imposed the rhythm of the confrontation. She showed Gomez that she could have a long night at work.

Quickly, GYM’s protege built an insurmountable lead on the judges’ cards. His power and speed confused Gomez who was never able to find his bearings in the confrontation.

We expected better opposition from the Mexican who was in her sixth title defense. Gomez was unable to pull the local boxer out of her comfort zone.

Expeditious Biyarslanov

Arthur Biyarslanov (11-0, 9 KOs) did not make the pleasure last. He liquidated the Burkinabé Issouf Kinda (18-6, 7 KOs) in the second minute of the first round.

He hit his opponent with a short right hook. The blow hit Kinda’s temple, which fell to the floor. He was unable to get up afterwards.

“I wanted to send a clear message,” Byarslanov said. No one had stopped him until the fifth round. He had gone six rounds with Jose Carlos Ramirez [loss by knockout].

“I wanted to show other boxers that I have power.”

The punch that ended the fight had been practiced in training with his trainer Samuel Décarie-Drolet.

“Arthur is making great progress in the gym,” said Décarie-Drolet. He doesn’t get paid by the hour and that’s fine.

“He finished his fight quickly and he didn’t eat too many punches.”

For the future, the Olympian would like to have the biggest fights possible in order to find a place in the world top 15 of a sanctioning body.

Preliminary results

Marie-Pier Houle (7-0-1, 2 K.-O.) signed a great victory by unanimous decision (59-55, 60-54 and 60-54) against Hungarian Timea Belik (6-6, 2 K.-O.). The Quebecer delivered the best power shots in the fight.

“It was a pretty physical big fight,” Houle said. Training during the summer is less obvious, especially with training partners.

She confirmed that she was no longer working with Jean Zewski, her trainer from the start.

“It happened naturally. There was no bickering, Houle said. The pandemic didn’t help because we couldn’t work together as often.”

Houle’s next goal will be to fight in an eight-round duel. She could go down to the 140lb category in order to have a bigger range of opponents.

Opening the evening, Derek Pomerleau (3-0) won by unanimous decision (40-36, 40-36 and 40-36) against Marcos Martinez Luna (0-2-1). It was the first time that Pomerleau did not win before the limit.

Then, Jonathan Di Bella (2-0, 1 K.-O.) won by knockout in the second assault against the Mexican Jesus Omar Chavez Velazquez (3-3, 2 K.-O.).